OUR MISSION: Providing bilingual volunteer opportunities to develop leaders to serve the needs of our community.


Working every day, eating every day, and laughing everyday, should be a part of our daily lives. However, there are those who cannot do what we would consider as our daily activities. Japan continues to be a difficult environment for those with disabilities to join the workforce and be a part of our society. How difficult is it for people with mental, intellectual and physical challenges to live like others in our current society? We are starting the LIVES Project to create a country where each individual can shine:- where everyone can work, eat, and laugh together, as one!

*Volunteer Leaders Needed!*


Hands On Tokyo is looking for applicants for a new position in our office.

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Volunteers needed

We will have the LIVES TOKYO 2017 event on Sunday, September 10th at Tokyo Midtown. Volunteers will help in various areas of the event. Your family and friends are welcome to participate in the event. Please ask them to join and let’s pump up the event together!! We welcome you also to see all the activities when you are not volunteering. It should be a great day for you!!

(1) Morning Volunteer

(2) Afternoon Volunteer