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Gardening and Ground maintenance at Saiseikai Infants' Home (3)

Friday, November 15    09:45 - 11:00

*If we have to cancel the project due to a bad weather, we will send an email to you and also update the cancel information on our website within the day before the activity.

In the past, Hands On Tokyo has renovated their playground and built a small garden for the infants living there to enjoy. In this project, we will maintain the garden and ground at the Infants' Home.

Location:Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital
Event Guidelines: Volunteers must be at least 15 years old.

*An automatic confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you gave us when you registered as a volunteer. Please refer to the attached document.

**To Cancel:
If you need to cancel your participation at this time, please cancel your participation through our website. (Sign in, go to “Calendar”, click on the date of the activity, and click “Cancel”.)

If you need to cancel within 24 hours of the project meeting time, please call the Volunteer Leader. Your Volunteer Leader's contact information is in the "information sheet", the attached document, sent to you via an automatic confirmation e-mail at signing up the project.

*Please be aware that your Volunteer Leader will not be able to get your email addressed to

List of Participants (8):
- HOT Volunteer
- Jennifer Chau
- Emily Kaneko
- HOT Volunteer
- Regina Kato
- Martina Kawasaki
- Katharina Weilnboeck

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