Day Of Service 2012
Smile With You  "Minna Egao"

Thank you very much for your participation!

Day Of Service (DOS) is held every year
with the aim of getting as many volunteers as possible to participate
in various volunteer activities with Hands On Tokyo.
 This year we also welcome you to participate in
"My Little DOS" a new way for volunteers to contribute!

Fun with Seniors

Our regular project at the Hakujyuso Senior Home
with a special event: Hula dancing!

International Fair - See the World

Experience different cultures around the globe!

Mini Zoo for the visually impaired

English lesson while interacting with animals

For the Earth - Amenity Recycling with Children

Recycle amenities with the kids from children's homes

Field Trip with Kids

A field trip/ picnic to the aquarium with children from the infants' home

Goody Bag Making for Christmas Events

Gift wrapping for our partners in Tokyo and Tohoku 

Day Of Service in Tohoku

Releif project in Yamamoto-cho and Ogatsu-cho

My Little DOS

For those of you who are unable to participate
in the above activities on October 20,
we encourage you to come up with a volunteer activity in your area 

Helping out an elderly neighbor (Shopping, walking their dog)
An activity that utilizes your unique talents

You can do it alone, or with your family and friends.
The number of participants is completely up to you!
We look forward to hearing your ideas of ways to contribute to your community.
Apply for My Little DOS



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