Baseball Project for Disaster Relief

Event Dates: July 31, 2017 - August 3, 2017

Venue: United States Embassy, Jingu Indoor Practice Facility, Tokyo Dome etc.


[About Hands on Tokyo]

Hands on Tokyo, which celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2016, is a volunteer organization with a strong focus on international exchange. Our mission is to provide bilingual volunteer opportunities to develop leaders to serve the needs of the community.

[About Hands on Tokyo's Support Activities to Affected Areas]

Immediately following the events of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Hands on Tokyo provided continued relief support to the affected areas of Yamamoto-cho and Ogatsu. Moreover, when the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake occurred, Hands on Tokyo worked with local volunteer groups and provided direct assistance to affected areas by delivering needed goods.

At affected areas of the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, debris has been cleared and new construction efforts have begun. At the same time though, there are still some 119,000 people living in evacuation shelters. Hands on Tokyo firmly believes that there is always something we can do, and we will continue our utmost effort in providing continued support and relief to those areas affected by disasters.

[Disaster Relief Baseball Project 2016]

It has been 6 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. At affected elementary and middle schools temporary housing units have been built on the sports grounds; as such, the idea of doing club activities or P.E classes remains limited, even now. Wanting to encourage these children, we decided to plan this project for those young boys and girls that have little opportunity to participate in the joy of a game of baseball. In July of last year, in conjunction with the MLB Association and the American Embassy, the first Baseball Project for Tohoku was held.

At this inaugural event, 19 boys (selected from 9 different middle schools throughout Tohoku) were invited to Tokyo to participate with 22 other boys from Minato-Ku for a baseball project. A variety of events were scheduled, including baseball workshops from both former MLB player Hisanori Takahashi and Kenjiro Kawasaki (at Meijijingu Gaien and American embassy compound), as well as a friendly match between Tohoku and Minato-ku at Meijijingu Gaien. In addition to these events, we aimed to foster leadership skills for these young children in the event of possible future disasters as well as remembering. Throughout the four days of activities, the participants had the opportunity to raise awareness towards disaster prevention together.

[Disaster Relief Baseball Project 2017]

Site:U.S. Embassy compound, Meiji Jingu Practicing Field, etc.
Event Dates:July 31, 2017-August 3, 2017

For this year’s event, those affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake in April of last year was joining both the Tohoku and Minato-Ku teams, making this the first training camp to include teams from all 3 regions. In much the same way as last year, workshops and friendly matches, in addition to presentations focusing on raising awareness are scheduled to occur. Along with creating a memorable experience for these children, we have planned this event around the goals of fostering youth leadership skills and a commitment to remembering the events of the disasters.

[Participating Teams]
- Tohoku, Ishinomaki Shiritsu Hebita Middle School Baseball Team
- Kumamoto, Kyushu Gakuin Baseball Team
- Minato-ku, Boys’ Nanshiki Baseball Association Selection Team

[Participating Coaches]
Former MLB Player, Warren Cromartie, Masanori Murakami and Akinori Iwamura

[Main Schedule]
- 7/31 (Monday) Workshop (U.S. Embassy)
- 8/1 (Tuesday) Workshop (MLB), Friendly Match (Meiji Jingu)
- 8/2 (Wednesday) Friendly Match (Meiji Jingu), Earthquake Disaster Workshop and Discussion
- 8/3 (Thursday) Volunteer Activity(Kasai Rinkai Park)

Organized by: NPO Hands On Tokyo
Special Cooperation: Major League Baseball
Sponsors: The U.S. Embassy, Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club, KASHO SANZEN CO., LTD., The Yonamine Foundation, KUMAMOTO CASTLE LIONS CLUB
Collaboration: Japan Business Systems, Inc., TOYOKO INN Co., Ltd., Progressive Corporation, The American School in Japan, The Baseball Hall of Fame Museum, TO-KON PAINTERS, Minato-ku Boys’ Nanshiki Baseball Association, Lions Clubs International, Mr. Fumihiko Imai, Draycat Photo

*The 2016 Report is [Here].

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