Disaster Relief Project Updates

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Tohoku and Kanto areas.

[Activities in Tohoku area]

Photo Gallery (PDF)


  •  (HOT Cafe at Ogatsu-cho)
  •  (Ogatsu Canvas of Hope)
  •  (Debris cleaning at Arahama Beach and HOT Cafe at Ogatsu-cho)
  •  (Runing a disaster relief booth at World Festa Yokohama)
  •  (Helping out preparation of "Toro Nagashi" in Ogatsu-cho)
  •  (HOT Cafe at Yamamoto-cho)
  •  (Helping out a pepper farm and debris cleaning at Arahama Beach)
  • (Helping out a pepper farm and Ogatsu Rebirth Festival)
  • (Helping out a pepper farm)
  • (Helping out the FUKUSHIMA Festival in Aizu)
  • (Helping out a pepper farm and Making flower beds)
  • (Helping out a pepper farm and cleaning road side drainage ditch)

[Sending Relief Items]
With the help of various groups, Hands On Tokyo has been able to send various items that are lacking or in short supply at relief shelters in Northeastern Japan. 


Total Items Sent:

  • 21,529 Towels
  • 32,228 Toothbrushes & Tubes of Toothpaste 
  • 21,568 Blankets
  • 1,179 Pairs of Socks  
  • 185 Pairs of Slippers 
  • 132 Pairs of Rubber Gloves 
  • 52,420 Bottles of Drinking Water

Items Were Delivered To:

  1. Relief shelters (Souma, Fukushima Prefecture)
  2. Sanriku Yamada Fishery Cooperative (Shimoheigun Yamadamachi, Iwate Prefecture)
  3. Omoe Fisherman's Cooperative Association (Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture)
  4. Wakatake (facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture)
  5. Relief shelters (Tanohatamura, Iwate Prefecture)
  6. Kamaishi Nozomi Hospital (Kamai, Iwate Prefecture)
  7. Japan Small Business Tohoku-Kanto Disaster Support
  8. Asia Child Support Miyagi (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture)
  9. Northeastern Japan Disaster Relief Civic Activiy Network (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  10. "Yamada Hachimangu (shrine in Shimoheigun Yamadamachi, Iwate Prefecture)Yamada Hachimangu (shrine in Shimoheigun Yamadamachi, Iwate Prefecture that hosted a Children's Day Festival) Japanese report on Mr. Suzuki's homepage: Children's Day Charity Event"
  11. Ogatsu Junior High School (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture) -  
  12. Katsuhisakai Medical Corporation (Ohfunato, Iwate Prefecture)  - 
  13. Relief shelter in Ishinomaki Public Office
  14. Relief shelters (Oshikacho, Miyagi Prefecture)
  15. Iriya Elementary School (Minami-Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture)
  16. Sengoku Hospital (Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture)
  17. Miyagi Democratic Party First District Election Campaign Office
  18. Supporting Office of Miyuki Yusa, member of the Diet (Miyagi Prefecture)
  19. Himawari (facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  20. Ganbarou Iwanuma (group in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture helping people move to temporary housing) -
  21. Akane Kai (Home Care Support Center in Shimoheigun, Iwate Prefecture)  -  
  22. Miyako Daiichi Hospital (Miyako, Iwate Prefecture)  - 
  23. Network Orange (facility for children with intellectual disabilities in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)  - 
  24. Nakatsu Umi Kai Nursing Home (Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)  -   and
  25. Relief Shelter (community center in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture)
  26. Relief Shelter (Sumiyoshi Junior High School in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture) -
  27. Relief Shelter (Ookuma Elembentary School in Watari, Miyagi Prefecture)
  28. Relief Shelter (Watari Junior High School in Watari, Miyagi Prefecture)
  29. Residence with children with disabilities (Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  30. NPO band⇔aid (Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture)
  31. Alishan Pty Ltd. (Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture)
  32. Kizuna Project (Watari, Miyagi Prefecture)
  33. ALTA Shiroishi (workers' support center in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture)
  34. Shiritsu Elementary School (relief shelter in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  35. Minami Sanriku Spa (Minami Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture)
  36. Kamata Culture Center (Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  37. Carehouse Soleil Hill (senior home in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  38. Special Education Common Training Facility (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  39. Terakoya Houjou Relief Shelter (school in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture)
  40. Relief Shelter (Karakuwacho, Miyagi Prefecture)
  41. Watanoha Elementary School (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  42. NPO Yuinokai (Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  43. Oshima Island (Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture) via NPO Yuinokai
  44. Yuriage (Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture) via NPO Yuinokai
  45. Shizugawa (Minami Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture)
  46. Karakuwachou (Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  47. Yoshida Preschool (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  48. A family who escaped from Ogatsu, Miyagi Prefecture to Yokohama
  49. A family in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
  50. Watano Hausu Minna no Hausu (Watanohachou, Miyagi Prefecture)
  51. Tomonote (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
  52. Souma City Education Board, Fukushima Prefecture
  53. City Council (Souma, Fukushima Prefecture)
  54. Ogatsu Machizukuri Council (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)