Please join us! Here is a preview of some of the event’s content! "A Taste for Volunteering."

A Taste for Volunteering ~Voices~

Date: December 10th, 2020
Time: 20:00~
Registration: ¥3,000

*If you can't participate in the live Zoom stream on December 10th, you can watch the recorded video on YouTube on a private channel, until January 31st, 2021. Details on how to watch the video on YouTube will be given to everyone who has registered for participation, after the event, in mid-December.

Our online fundraising event "A Taste for Volunteering - Voices -" will take place on December 10th. During the day, we will be sharing the voices of our partners, children’s homes, those with special needs, and those affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake from 10 years ago. We hope this event will help you to learn more about our community. We’d like to introduce you to some of the content for the our event!

We’d like to introduce you to our MC for the Hands On Tokyo Online event, "A Taste for Volunteering," Mr. Jesper Koll. Jesper has been facilitating panel discussions at our annual event, LIVES Project - LIVES LIVE 2020, for the past few years. Jesper’s friendly personality helped create a warm and welcome atmosphere, which we look forward to again this year. Jesper has always been a great supporter of our events, and Hands On Tokyo.

Jesper Koll, CEO, WisdomTree Japan
Board member of Hands On Tokyo. Before becoming CEO of WisdomTree Japan in 2015, he worked for two decades as the Managing Director of Japan Research for both JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch. Jesper serves as an adviser to several public policy makers and private corporations, and is a frequent commentator in domestic and international media.

Mr. Kaneko, in charge of occupational instructions, Wakabaryo Children's Home
Ms. Akibayashi, in charge of the toddlers’ home, Wakabaryo Children's Home

Wakabaryo is a children’s home located in Meguro Ward. Children’ homes house children who are displaced by natural disasters, accidents, parents’ divorce, and abuse and unable to live with their families. In Japan, approximately 45,000 children between the ages of 2-18 live in the children's homes.

Voices from one of our Corporate Partners
In the year 2019, we were able to develop 59 different programs, engaging 916 corporate volunteers, that helped impact our community needs. We express our deepest gratitude to all our corporate sponsors for your support and involvement. We will share the voices from volunteers, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. They helped us on developing innovative projects in 2020.

Mr. Ebinuma, Executive Director of the nursing home, Hakujuso
Hakujusou is a nursing home located in Ohashi, Meguro-ku that houses up to 168 elderly people. This nursing home does not exist to house elderly people who need to be cared for but are there to house those who are unable to live at home for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is abuse by family members.

Ms. Sonobe, The Dance Laboratory
Dance Laboratory was established in 2014 with the hopes of having everyone, with or without challenges, dance together. They started their activities with aspirations to participate in an exhibition at the Paralympic Games, to help cheer on the athletes.

Mr. Hiroshi Tokumizu,Co-representative, Ogatsu Hana Monogatari
Ms. Toshie Tokumizu, Representative Director, Ogatsu Hana Monogatari

The year 2021 will mark 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We will share the stories of Mr. Hiroshi Tokumizu and Ms. Toshie Tokumizu of the "Ogatsu Rose Factory Garden," "Ogatsu Hana Monogatari" in Ogatsu, Ishinomaki City. Both have overcome the Great East Japan Earthquake, and are working together with volunteers to create a new hometown.

Voices from Volunteers
Our volunteers are the reason why we do what we do. Our volunteers will share their inspirational experiences. These stories come directly from the volunteers who are engaged in our activities.

Mr. Sam Cutler, Former Tour Manager for The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead
His experiences include growing up in an institution without a family and battling illness. In the glamorous world he spent as a tour manager with the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead, he has seen many people whose hearts are not filled with happiness, even though they have become financially wealthy and famous. Sam, who has been watching Hands On Tokyo from afar for many years, gave a message to Hands On Tokyo and Volunteers.

Let’s dance! "Dance Laboratory"
Dance Laboratory - a dance group that includes members who live with intellectual, emotional and physical challenges. Each year, we have had a live performance by Dance Laboratory on our stage. This year we will have them perform in a virtual setting.