LIVES x Tech Ideathon 2023 - Come join us!

LIVES x Tech Ideathon 2023
Co-create the Ultimate Assistance Robot with People with Disability

Sunday July 9th, 2023 1:00PM - 5:00PM
Venue : Cybozu, Inc. Tokyo Office 

Please inform us in advance if you require any reasonable accommodations for the event. Additionally, please feel free to contact us for any other questions or requests. We are committed to ensuring that all participants can comfortably attend our event. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


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*A maximum of 50 people will attend this event. Registration is free of charge. Application deadline is Friday, June 30th, 2023.
*We will provide instructions on how to enter the venue on the day of the event to those who have registered.
*We kindly request your understanding in allowing us to use any videos and photos taken during the event for the Hands On Tokyo and LIVES Project websites, social media,and other related platforms. 


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LIVES x Tech Ideathon 2023 Group A / Event Support Volunteer

LIVES x Tech Ideathon 2023 Group B / Event Support Volunteer


What kind of robots would be useful for people with disabilities?

With Japan's aging population, robots are becoming more and more common in our daily lives.
Let's explore the topic of "robots" and "people with disabilities," something we may not always think about, with other group members.

Inspirational talk speakers are Takayuki Furuta, General Manager of Future Robotic Technology Center (fuRo), Chiba Institute of Technology, who developed CanguRo, a robotics and AI fusion device, and Takeshi Nakamura, Founder of Raise the Flag Inc., who has developed several assistive devices for the visually impaired, including SYN+, a sensory device that replaces sight.

This event is open to everyone, including those with no knowledge or experience of robots or people with disabilities.

Come join us for a fun and engaging discussion!

● Inspiration Talk Guest Speaker and Members of the Judging Panel

Takayuki Furuta
General Manager of Future Robotic Technology Center (fuRo), Chiba Institute of Technology

Takeshi Nakamura  
Founder of Raise the Flag Inc.

● LIVES Project Mission

To create an inclusive society where the individuality of each person shines
and everyone is empowered to WORK, EAT and LAUGH together.

Working every day, eating every day, and laughing every day, should be a part of our daily lives.
However, there are those who cannot do what we could consider as our daily activities.
Japan continues to be a difficult environment for those with disabilities to join the workforce and be a part of the community.
How difficult it is for people with mental, intellectual and physical challenges to live like others in our current society!

"Happiness, Inspiration & Diversity!"

Date & Time : Saturday, September 23rd, 11:30 - 18:30
Venue : Hybrid Event / Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) and online
*Both English interpretation and Sign Language Interpretation are available.