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Hands On Tokyo, together with 45 partner organizations, provides a variety of volunteer activities. In 2022, we were able to give back to the community, with 1,008 activities, 57,953 recipients, 6,043 active volunteers and 9,846 volunteer hours. Your financial contribution enables us to provide meaningful service opportunities every week of the year!

■ How To Donate

(1) Please fill in the required information on the Donation Form page below. The donor's name for the receipt, will be the same as used on the Donation Form. You can choose payment method by credit card, bank transfer or cash. For your monthly donation, we welcome payment by credit card.
*Please register with Hands On Tokyo - even if donating via credit card below

(2) A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide us. If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact us at:

【Ongoing Donation (Monthly Donation)】

Ongoing Donations are a way to donate a fixed amount each month, in this case by credit card.
*As long as you do not request Hands On Tokyo ( to stop your donation, your donation will be renewed monthly. If the credit card you are using for the donation expires, we will not automatically renew your donation, and your donations will stop.

- Payment Method
The amount of money you have applied to donate each month will become an automatic draft for the credit card payment, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your credit card company. The first donation will be made on the day of your application. Monthly donations will start on the first day of each subsequent month.

- About the Receipt for Japanese Yen Tax Deductible for Ongoing Donations
The receipt for Ongoing Donation will be sent once a year, for all deposits made by the credit card companies to Hands On Tokyo, by December 31 of each year.
*Please note that all payments from the payment agent to us, made at the end of December, will be processed on the first business day of the next year, and will be included in the next year's receipts.

[Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation]
Hands On Tokyo has been approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as an "Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation" in December 2017. Donations for Hands On Tokyo are Japanese Yen tax deductible. 

*For details on how to deduct this donation, please refer to the Cabinet Office NPO website (Japanese).

【About the Receipt for Japanese Yen Tax Deductible】
- The donor's name for the receipt, will be the same as used on the Donation Form.
- We will issue a receipt on the date when we confirm payment. In the case of credit card payment, please note that it is not the date of application, but the date of payment from the payment agent to us (it will take about two months to be issued).
- Please keep the copy of the bank transfer invoice.
- We cannot reissue the receipt, in the event of it being lost or misplaced.
- We will send the receipt to the address on your Donation Form.

[Privacy Policy]
1. Personal information provided by you will be used, in accordance with the Hands on Tokyo Privacy Policy, solely for the purpose of performing administrative work to properly accept your donations. Please be aware that in so doing, HOT may provide all or part of your personal information to an outside contractor in order to outsource certain tasks. Under such circumstances, the contractor shall strictly be bound by the confidentiality agreement between HOT and the contractor. In addition, the personal information will only be used for and within the purpose and scope of the tasks explicitly specified and stipulated by HOT in the contract.  Further, HOT obligates the contractors to place a strict and thorough management to treat the personal information properly.
2. For this website, we use "SSL Server Certification" to protect personal information. Your donor information will be encrypted by SSL (128bit) before it is dispatched.

Hands On Tokyo
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Bank Name: MUFG Bank
  Toranomon Branch (041)
Account Number: Futsu 0072787
Account Name: Hands On Tokyo
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT


*Also, you can donate through the follow web site:


Project Name: LIVES Food Truck

Project Name: Develop Youth Leaders in Tokyo

[Minato City's FURUSATO NOZEI] 
Minato City's version of the hometown tax payment system "Group Support Donation