** March 2020

(A Taste for Volunteering, Thank You Party for Volunteer Leaders, Computer Project, Arisu no Mori )

** January 2020

(Day of Service, Sign Language Cafe, Hakujuso, Arisu no Mori, Corporate Volunteer Program)

** October 2019

(Baseball Project for Disaster Relief, LIVES TOKYO 2019, Hakujuso Senior Home Project, Sign Language Cafe Project, Decoration Project for Saiseikai Infants Home)

** August 2019

("LIVES TOKYO 2019" - Volunteers Needed!, Hands On Tokyo received a Social Contribution Award, Corporate Volunteer Program:Accenture Japan Ltd., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, DOLBY JAPAN, GLP, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities etc.)

** July 2019

(AbbVie GK: Week Of Possibilities, Gardening Project at Azabu Keifukuen, Sign Language Cafe Project, Guide Volunteers at US National Gymnastics Team’s Camp, Faces of Hands On Tokyo: Mr. Naoya Nakamura)

** May 2019

(Spring Charity Concert 2019, BUDDY WALK, English Conversation for the Visually Impaired, Blind Jogging, BNP Paribas: Pancake Project, American Express: Arakawa River Cleaning Project)

** March 2019

(A Taste for Volunteering 2018, English Conversation with the Visually Impaired, Arisu no Mori Smile Project, Accenture Japan Ltd. "English Fun Activity")

** February 2019

(Day of Service 2018, KoKo Club, Arisu no Mori Smile Project, Corporate Program etc.)

** December 2018


** October 2018

(Baseball Project for Disaster Relief, AMEX: Emergency Supplies for Rescue Volunteers, Dialogue in Silence, The Arisu no Mori Smile Project, etc.)

** August 2018

(Meet Our Staff for the LIVES Project!, AbbVie Japan “Week Of Possibilities”, Sign Language Cafe, Open Office Day, Volunteer Leaders Get Together, etc.)

** July 2018

(Readyfor - LIVES Project, Hakujuso Senior Home Project, American Express: Arakawa River Cleaning Project, Youth Impact Program, etc.)

** June 2018

("Readyfor" Crowdfunding for the Hands On Tokyo LIVES Project)

** May 2018

(Spring Charity Concert, Tohoku Project with ASIJ Hands On Tokyo Club, Sign Language Cafe, LIVES Food Truck Project at Hands On Tokyo, etc.)

** February 2018

(A Taste for Volunteering 2017, One Desk Foundation: Repaired the Facility of the Children's Homes, Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation, etc.)