What We Do

■About Hands On Tokyo

OUR MISSION: Hands On Tokyo provides meaningful bilingual volunteer opportunities to foster volunteerism and develop leaders to serve the needs of our community. We aim for a society where each individual is valued, and where people proactively support each other.

■What We Do

FOR INDIVIDUALS: We offer quality volunteering programs, allowing people to both learn and contribute more deeply in their local communities.

FOR YOUTH: We hope to inspire and energize young people, to become more active in community service, and to encourage them in becoming future community leaders.

FOR COMMUNITY PARTNERS*: We want to assist these Partners in achieving their goals, by helping to forge deeper community connections, through various volunteering programs. 

FOR COMPANIES: We want to offer meaningful volunteer opportunities, and to help their employees become more involved in community service. 

* = non-profit organizations, children’s homes, nursing homes, various associations, schools, etc.

■If you would like to support us financially, please visit the Hands On Tokyo website page below.