Super Diversity Volunteering!

Super Diversity Volunteering is a program for elementary and junior high school students in the Aoyama area to deepen their interaction with the elderly through volunteer activities. Through this program, we aim to create a "super-diverse" community where children with and without disabilities, as well as children attending international schools, can volunteer in their communities and where intergenerational interactions, including the elderly.

■ Calling all Volunteers!
1. Elementary and junior high school students living in the Aoyama area
2. Those interested in international exchange and interaction with other generations
3. Those would like to do volunteer activities
*The project is targeted at people living in the Aoyama area, as the elderly care facility with which the project is working is located in Aoyama.
*We value the children's independence and interaction with each other. We ask that
parents/guardians refrain as much as possible from doing activities with their children at the event.
*If you need assistance, please let us know at the time of registration.

■ About the activity
Venue: Minato International Association (Toyama 1-chome)
Activities: Making seasonal crafts, playing, chatting, street cleaning, international exchange, music, etc.

■ Project Goal
Our mission is to contribute to society, foster volunteerism, and develop leaders by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities that meet community needs in two languages. our "Super Diversity Volunteering!" project will support the diverse children participating in the project to develop as junior leaders who can take the initiative.

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"Super Diversity Volunteering!" Project