Volunteer Leaders

*In Alphabetical Order by Last Name / As of June 2022

Konowa Aoki
Kinya Atsumi
Samuel Barbir
Sayantan Deb
Aya Higa
Hugo Kachi
Reina Kachi
Emily Kaneko
Regina Kato
Rie Kiyono
Isaac Martins
Junayeed Matin
Kenichiro Nakagawa
Masae Nakano
Keiichi Nakaya
Nao Nozaki
Tenta Okada
Shizuko Ohara
Nami Okubo
Ken Ong
Kazumi Sakuta
Sachiko Takagi
Haruko Tokura
Miko Ushio
Mari Yoshioka
Mika Yukov


About Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders recruit volunteers to their project, provide a short orientation for new volunteers, take attendance of volunteers on-site, and inform Hands On Tokyo staff of any questions or concerns that may have risen during the event. Volunteer Leaders play a vital role in creating a fulfilling experience for everyone involved by helping to bridge the gap between our staff, partners, and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Leader, please send us an e-mail to info@handsontokyo.org with your name and project of interest.