How We Work

First, Hands On Tokyo forms partnerships with organizations in Tokyo that are in need. This is the most difficult step because in order to establish a positive relationship based on trust, we need to break down several large barriers such as misconceptions of community service, stereotypes, and fear of trying something new. Once we establish a partnership, we collaborate to identify our partner’s most pressing need and create projects to facilitate their mission. This is how we know that our projects are meaningful. Then, each project is prescreened to ensure that everyone involved will have a positive experience. Finally, we recruit and deploy a team of volunteers to make a difference.

A hallmark of Hands On Tokyo projects is that each project has a group of dedicated Volunteer Leaders. They recruit volunteers to their project, provide a short orientation for new volunteers, take attendance of volunteers on-site, and inform Hands On Tokyo staff of any questions or concerns that may have risen during the event. Volunteer Leaders play a vital role in creating a fulfilling experience for everyone involved by helping to bridge the gap between our staff, partners, and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Leader, please send us an e-mail to with your name and project of interest.

Our Volunteer Leaders are on this page.